Interesting move!!!

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Interesting move!!!

Post by bills1 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:21 am

Living in the Connecticut area, the buzz around here is the move of Clear Channel's current country station, WPKX from Springfield to Hartford. Or at least the frequency, but not the format.

The backstory is that WPKX's format, is being shifted to the current WRNX, 100.9 FM in Northampton, MA to move the station's transmitter to Mt. Tom in Holyoke, in the Springfield market. Thus 97.9 gets moved to Hartford with the city of license of Windsor Locks, where I live. Now, I know that a radio station, transmitter and all is not moving to Locks, but what plans does CC have for Hartford's newest radio station?

CC owns the country music station in Hartford, WWYZ and it does quite well in the ratings, so what format would CC bring to Hartford? Here's a thought: progressive talk.

Hartford currently has WDRC AM and WTIC AM which air the usual wingnut , loons, Rushie, Sean, Beck, Ingraham, Savage and some local peons. This market also has four Spanish language stations, three religious stations (and soon a fourth as Salem brings back former Disney station, WDZK), the usual music stations, but no Steph, Ed, Thom or not even Norman Goldman. This is a big time chance to bring some diversity to a market that badly needs it. I know rhat CC is primarily a conservative outfit, but it does allow some of its stations to "go rogue" so to speak. It can only help this market and its stagnant radio stations. :D :o

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Re: Interesting move!!!

Post by mikesfweb » Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:38 pm

Tim Pawlenty is the tortoise of "Tortoise and Hare" fame. He just continues to grow his support slowly and steadily while others burn bright for a short time then burn out.

As a Minnesotan I believe his greatest strengths and the primary reasons for his past success in a left of center state were his sincerity and his pragmatism. Similar to Paul Ryan, he didn't pander and he earned his reputation for being honest. His position wasn't always correct (ie. the unfortunate MN Energy legislation of 2007 - External Link ), but it was known. The policies he supported as Governor were not a surprise.

When it first became apparent that he was likely to join the fray for 2012, I felt he had little chance of winning the nomination. However, a few months ago I started to think he had a real chance if he could avoid any uncharacteristic faux-"paw", and if the electorate had the chance to get to know about him and his solid conservative record of achievement in a state where the Legislature was dominated by Democrats during his two terms.

Now, I believe he has a real chance to win the nomination and to be a strong opponent to President Obama. He is someone the conservative base will support and moderates will choose over the liberal alternative.

Of course, all of this would be moot if Paul Ryan were a candidate.

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