Beck dumped again

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Beck dumped again

Post by bills1 » Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:34 am

WDRC AM in Hartford has had enough of the conspiratorial nutjob Glenn Beck and is sending him to the showers, so to speak. The station, which is battling WTIC for the far-right teabagger, libertarian crowd (and losing-latest book 0.5 to 8.8) is dumping Beck after his rant-filled, racist program as of April 1, (no April Fools joke,either). He's being replaced by Mary Jones, who had a show on the station before DRC AM went full bagger. She'll be on from 9 am to noon, the first hour with long-time morning fossil, Brad Davis. Jones is not a righty but a rather reasonable person, unless management has remade her image to suit the station's profile, which airs Ingraham, Malzberg and Savage.

I have an email into the PD who is on vacation this week to see what else may be up, but with a recent book of 0.5, which is DOWN from their miserable January, (0.6), they just may have to rethink airing all these losers. It just doesn't look good when you get beaten in your own market by three stations in Springfield, thirty miles to the north, with one being an AM talker that is just as right as you are, and the local NPR station. :D :o :roll:

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Re: Beck dumped again

Post by markwilliams » Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:33 am

We get your political bias loud and clear. We also get that you are apparently not a broadcaster.

Buckley has a history of selling based on making "hokey" work. As the "Talk of Connecticut" they are building a small network of stations that treats the entire state as a single small town and they serve it as any local radio station would serve its local market.

That means as much local content as possible and I suspect that their business model places less importance on the Hartford numbers than it does on the collective revenue results of their efforts state-wide.. I would be disinclined to buy into your own version of idealogical conspiracy and more inclined toward just plain common business sense and good radio.

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