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Net Talk • GREAT Guest for Hot AC Demo in a Crappy Economy
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GREAT Guest for Hot AC Demo in a Crappy Economy

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:20 pm
by rockradio1
I did radio for 26 years and one of the things I really enjoyed was that rare guest where your barely into the first break interviewing them and the phone banks light up like Christmas trees. If you are a morning host--here's a freebie: Jan Leasure. She's a nationally syndicated columnist who's whole deal is to save people money.

Example: she's been on numerous TV morning news shows (Cleveland, Baltimore, etc.) and she goes into a grocery store armed with only coupons and comes out on live TV with to cartloads of stuff and a voucher for $65 bucks. Now, in a crappy economy, who WOULDN'T want to know how she does it? (How about your entire core demographic?)

Here's her prepared release:

"Welcome to the future, a time when the Jan Leasure's of the world will be our gurus, lead our movements, show us the way, $ave us; Through coupons, Redemption!"
-- Bill Geist, Chicago Tribune/CBS News, NY

When Bill Geist wrote the above quote he looked around Jan Leasure's Illinois garage and was so overwhelmed at her stash of free groceries that he responded, "You have enough corn oil here to deep fat fry Orson Welles (may he rest in peace)"!

Leasure is the supermarket cyclone who taught an entire generation of consumers how to survive in a difficult economy. Her $uper $aver column appeard in more than 100 newspapers from coast to coast for more than 20 years. Today Jan has recreated her money saving $uper $aver community on the popular website, where she offers free money saving advice to readers and provides the column gratis to any daily newspaper in the country who is interested. She also offers free downloads of her book, The Coupon Encyclopedia/How to $ave $1,000 a Year at the Supermarket.

To to invite Jan as a guest on your show, call: (224) 305-SAVE (224) 305-7283


Bruce Brady

(PS-I'm helping Jan because she was my 8th grade English teacher.)

Re: GREAT Guest for Hot AC Demo in a Crappy Economy

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:31 pm
by kellybgood
Sounds like a awesome interview! This is something I can see being perfect for a Sunday afternoon spot or for a morning show in a medium/smaller market. Nice catch!