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Net Talk • Major League Baseball's preemptive strike on stupidity
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Major League Baseball's preemptive strike on stupidity

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:48 pm
by sports723
One wouldn't think that it would have had to come to this, but thanks to the irresponsibility of Plaxico Burress' accidently shooting and Gilbert Arenas' brandishing weapons after practice, it has. Major League Baseball has now posted signs in locker rooms and around practice facilities that sends a clear, concise message. Leave your guns, long knives and explosives at home.

Common sense would dictate that this would be understood. History would state this had to be done. The players association and the commissioner's office both say that this agreement was reached last year, but the signs are a new addition to ball parks this season.

It's sad to see that it has come to this, something that shouldn't even require a second though needs a constant daily reminder. But, if we took one thing, anything away from Tiger's robotic speech is this. When you become rich, famous, and tended to at a young age, you start believing that the rules, common sense don't apply to you. You start believing that you're above the law, your entitled to whatever you want.

Perhaps this simple, constant reminder can in one way, keep the players in check. Perhaps, major league baseball, is doing something right.