Bucking The "TALK" trend.

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Bucking The "TALK" trend.

Post by bower » Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:34 am

Today, Allaccess.com reported that a station in AZ is flipping it's FM from rock to talk.

“We think the climate is right for a talk station that doesn’t have people yelling at each other over politics and calling each other things like racist, liberal. The other guys have it covered if you want to scream at somebody. We have it covered if you want to be entertained.”

I wonder how many other stations are feeling the same way about their talk shows...and the audience that follows?

Isn't it great to see that a PD in talk radio hasn't succumbed to the pre-bundled political talk formats after the demise of "Entertaining Talk" or "Hot Talk" or "Real Radio" or even "Free FM".

I hope that trend begins growing and the level of screaming-hate-itics begin to fall aside. Plus, I feel that the literal dying audience of older, militia-types will shrink their audiences, while this station will offer options and continue to grow. I feel like it's getting easier for a station to go with a full TRN line-up than it is to really, carefully put together a meaningful programming line-up. These guys seem to be bucking that trend...

I love that.


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