Training Of new talent

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Training Of new talent

Post by radiodr1 » Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:09 am

Where are tomorrow's broadcasters going to get trainind?

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Re: Training Of new talent

Post by radiodogg » Mon May 03, 2010 9:28 am

Most PD’s do not have time or they don’t know how to train/develop talent because of that very little will come from radio as we know it. It will have to come from the Internet, the PD's in radio today and for the last 20 plus years have not developed new good talent because they are busy trying to keep a job. We have been using about 10 good jocks and putting them on a bird to 20 to 125 stations. Yes we have taken the easy way out. Most of the radio groups are looking for instant success so they hire a recording artist, comedian or a busted out TV or movie people. Why pay one of them more money than it would cost to have a great local show? Why take a shot in the dark with a great unknown? Wake up management let’s get back to what will work best and stop chasing a bad idea just because the person has a name. Doing great radio is not a name game it’s a great talent game. Do they know how to do good radio? The answer is . . . NO. Save your money and hire a person that has the love, passion will eat, sleep radio 24/7. That is the winning formula. BTW get in touch with your listeners they will tell you what they expect from your station.

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