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Re: Can you earn a livible wage in radio today???

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:37 pm
by zinger7
I too have been in radio for about 35 Years. Now I am the OM for a 5 Station Group and I do a morning show. I am able to make 56k only because I literally do the job of 2 people. I say do anything that is asked of you and know how to do ALL things and you will succeed. The advise above is the best. Start as a part-timer, as most radio stations need a few of those. when I was 17 YO I called every radio station in my town and asked for the name of the PD. Then the next day I called all those stations and asked for the PD by name. I eventually talked to a PD, told him my dreams and he gave me my first part-time OVRNIGHT Gig. That is where everybody started my in my day. Eventually they put me on the Morning Show and that is all I have done since. If you are good on the air the rest will follow. I have moved all over the country but I have had a great career! Trust me........If I can do it.......ANYBODY can....Even TODAY! .