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Post by boing » Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:18 am

Hey out of work talkers, thinking of shooting a demo to Kaiser Bill? With the passing of a legend Howie Chizek you are looking at both a great opportunity and an impossible task.

Be prepared for LOCAL TALK Emphasis on both. It's not hit and run screened calls... they comment you hang up, then comment and take the next call. If you don't/can't /won't do LOCAL TOPICAL CONVERSATION don't bother. They don't screen. You take the next one up Whether they Defend Bush, Love Obama, Are pissed at the Barberton Mayor, or want to know whether to lock in their gas rate or float be prepared to discuss and debate.

The audience is loyal and forgiving but they along with ownership believe IT'S ALL ABOUT the listener.

If you can bring that, Bring it and good luck.

WNIR absolutely one of the BEST GD stations in the country... This is LIVE LOCAL TALK AT it's best!!!!

No I don't work there, but I would.... even it was cleaning toilets.

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