The death of All Access

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by lefsa » Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:53 am

Reply?......why not.
First, to Joel - after some thought, a re-read of my reply to Joel, and, yes, Halls reply, I admit my remarks were pretty much out of line. In truth, this place, while much quieter, is probably more productive for those who come here. It is your site and what you have to say or include is obviously more pertinant to radio than anything I have to say, so, I stand corrected and extend a sincere apology to Joel. I was out of line.
Hall – In truth hall, I really hadn’t been back here in quite some time but you will believe what you want. You ripping someone for being negative is, of course, ridiculous and pathetic, as no one here has been as consitantly negative as you. You have never been one to let the truth or even common sense get in the way of what you pass off as a point but that one is particularly silly.
You’d be for radio dying to get me off the board? Wow, if my posts were as pathetic and weak as you say I rather doubt I would create such a strong emotion in you. You appear to be too mindless to even understand that is your inability to simply leave me alone that marks you as truly pathetic. If I am meaningless, and weak, and all of the other things you claim, why the desperate need to reply and attack? Even the obvious seems too difficult for you to grasp. Interesting.
“You WANT to be in radio” - yeah, that’s why I went to college, just received a masters degree, and have been out for 6-7 years….because I have a deep hidden need to get back into it. Jesus, listen to yourself. You are one of thos pathetic, lost hangers on to an industry that lost it’s magic and relevance years, perhaps decades ago. You are so pathetic, you sincerely believe people who have left always hold on desperately to the thought of getting back in. Amazing…..
“You WANT to be a part of what we do” – yeah, crappy hours, no pay, no gratitude, no respect, no job security, no retirement, near total loss of creativity, people fired in droves, fewer listeners,…..god, you’re right…thanks to you, I see the light. I really am an idiot like you and want to be in a dying business doing little or nothing of value to society for almost no return. Thanks for opening my eyes.
“You will never BE anything of these thing” – god, I hope not.
“as a North Dakota teacher of future radish growers” – sorry, hall, we don’t grow radishes here. But why bother to find that out when you lie and distort pretty much everything else.
“his biggest claim to being a part of radio was doing a midday talk” - No, I never hosted a mid day talk show. Never said I did either. Another lie – you’re making up for lost time, bud.
“on an AM daytimer in someplace like Jamestown ND” - my last two full time jobs were in Jamestown, North Dakota – neither was daytime only. Another lie.
rowdyron – “By the way lefsa... I like how you say you've been out of the industry for months. Apparently things are going very well for you.” – no, not months, years. Been out since 2003, and yes, I’m doing far better than I ever did in radio, thanks.

“He claims he quit but it's obvious he was canned. I haven't known any radio guy who quit because of some misguided perception that radio is dying, etc., as Nyland claims”
No, I quit Hall, and I’ve offered to prove it. This is one of your longest running lies about me so I understand your lack of willingness to allow me to prove you wrong . As to why I walked away, I don’t recall ever saying I walked specifically because the industry was dying, although I did leave because there was obviously no long term security left in the business. I saw no future in continuing so I left for something more stable. Guess what, hall, thousands (the ones with sense) are doing it.
“When faced with a deserved dressing down, he resorts to the "I know you are, but what am I?" schoolyard stuff” – funny, I seem to recall something a little different. Tossing that one out after all of this time is sad, weak, and transparent. As I always did when you tossed this lie out, I will once again simply say I will have any debate, discussion, or argument with you on any topic in any forum any time you want it, and I more than likely will slap you around like a little girl as I always have. I have stopped exchanges with you in the past when you simply kept repeating your 4-5 weak insults - I’m fat, I worked in a small market…..gosh, I guess you have repeated them here again rather than post anything factual. What a surprise. Glad to know you have stayed consistant. It’s a little sad that the only things you are consistant at is lieing and launching attacks but at least you are quasi-competant at something.
“ Which explains his decision a few years back to become a teacher of spitwad tossers in Jamestown ND. Perfect - het gets to expound his "radio is dead" crap to fertile little minds and most likely gets a big thrill because, unlike us, they have to listen and can't talk back”
You claim to have a child and post this load of nonsense? All replies like this do is confirm in my mind, Hall, that you are a liar about pretty much every thing you talk about here, including your fictional family. First, I don’t care enough about radio to talk about it in school. Believe it or not, hall, we try to stay with topics that have some relvance in the world and our kids lives – therefore, we skip radio. My kids practically don’t even know what radio is anymore – it is an old, boring technology to them and they have abandoned it – one of those signs what and where radio will be in 10 years or so. Second, “they have to listen and can't talk back”. What frickin’ fairy tale land do you live in? You seriously think todays school kids sit politely in their chairs, never saying a word, hanging on the words of the teacher? You are in space and obviously you haven’t a clue what real kids think or do. Visit a class room one day, “dad” – reality will hit early and often
“After all, he's earned three months off, right? Teaching is SO hard.” – well, I actually do a number of jobs at my school so I don’t get three months off. I did earn it but I don’t actually get it, and by the way, few if any teachers actually go home and take off the entire summer. Try talking to an actual teacher rather than depend on your “teachers are evil” websites you love to frequent. Maybe you’d learn something….then again, maybe not…. Teaching would grind up most dj’s and spit them out. I doubt you would last a week.
“If lefsa is Nyland, it's an ironic board name. He's taken great offense at a few of my comments in the past, alluding to his girth. Funny how his new board name is a type of Scandinavian cake” – I’m norwegian, Hall. It’s not irony, it just happens to be a screen name I remember that is always available. Took offense to your comments? I’d have to have a minimum of respect for you and your intelligence to feel offense, hall, neither of which I feel. The only part of your shots at my weight – for the record, I’m 6’2”. 290 pounds, so, yeah, I could stand to lose a pound or two – that offended my was the fact that it was such a weak, pathetic, mindless response to the things I said here. Again, Hall, you refuse my multiple and very public pleas for a toe to toe on anything and simply attack. This could have at least a little entertainment value except your attacks are so childish, so mindless, so repetative, and so pathetically weak, they barely earn a laugh. It is somewhat tough being offended by remarks so trivial and weak made by someone so intellectually feeble.
And so you know, Mr. Fact, lefsa isn’t a cake. It’s a flatbread made from potatoes, eaten with butter, sugar, and cinnamon. A google seach would have given you that in about 2 seconds – good try though.
The fact is, Hall, you are and always have been a bitter, nasty, combative, intellectually weak liar. You are the poster boy for everything that is wrong with radio and it is the fact the business seem filled with egomaniacial, childish idiots such as yourself that drives the good people out and pushes radio toward it’s grave. Sooner or later, despite your boot licking, you will get kicked to the curb too and radio will have provided you with something that says it all about you, the business, and where it’s going – nothing at all. Have fun while it lasts.
Work for school is heating up and I probably won’t be back until next summer, if then. If you lose your job before then, just let me say there is not a lying, worthless, bitter, dirtbag of a human being who deserved it more.
Passive aggressive enough for you, loser?

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by jerimiah » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:25 pm

Right on Joel:

The site contains more interesting stuff than I have time to read.

One of the best. The PD Chronicles. This guy is great!

Jerry Gordon KNUU Las Vegas

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by walteria » Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:17 pm

I've read a lot of comments here and could lean either way, but I'm not here to do that. All I want is when a station or network says their equal opportunity, they need to be researched and be sure that they are truly equal opportunity! I'm over 40 and I'm tired of the age discrimination. If I can get just an interview at this point or even be considered for a position and these people would take the time to listen to my qualifications and I am well qualified that's all I ask. I'd hate to start naming and shaming stations that aren't equal opportunity and lately there are quite a few!

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by boing » Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:28 am

Always liked you Jim. Always hated the viciousness that some comments generated so from that standpoint this set up is fine. Wish that the personal stuff would cease and we could all agree that we share the passion for the industry. Halltalk and J.N. have battled for years, but at the heart of it the interest in the industry is at the base, and certainly there is common ground there.

Some of us hold the belief that Live, local based content is the key. Others consolidation and innovation translates to survivability. The core is the passion that eminates from all of us to keep the industry viable.

Many great people are long gone, whether from major market powerhouses, or unrated market local popguns, and it is the listener who is the poorer for all the lost passion. This is where corporate radio misses the boat. Radio is a communications industry that cut far too many communicators.

Not everybody needs Rush, Phil, Tesh, and the multitudes of syndie voices, but they do need the local connection. If I want my daily Rush I can find him. I just don't need to hear him on 6 different spots on the dial as I scan across.

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by nicoledc109 » Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:47 am

jdenver wrote:As publisher I got a chuckle out of this. has never been stronger! Our sessions are through the roof, metrics are way up since our launch of the new format in October 2009 with more folks coming to the site and participating than ever before on a daily basis!

Registration is at an all time high -- just under 120,000 users and growing daily.

The reason why our forums have less postings is that we have give you, the reader, the opportunity to comment on what's going on right below each story instead of just the forums. Our research showed that this would be a more engaging social experience -- and we were correct in doing this judging by the response.

Not every story is worth commenting on, so some stories are more hot-button and evoke more of an emotional response than others.

The Net Talk Board -- unlike other sites who rely on message boards for the majority of their traffic -- has never been the focal point of AllAccess. It's always been just a feature.

Net News is our focus -- and our Net News coverage has never been deeper -- far surpassing any other source in number of stories and depth of coverage.

Radio, considering the amount of media/digital competition, is holding its own, all things considered. The state of jobs however does not reflect that as so many stations are understaffed and as a result are under-performing. Chalk that up to bad deals that operators made and are still scrambling to meet debt covenants. But there are some stations that are adding back live dayparts, so there are some small signs of growth in these tough economic times. continues to be healthy, thriving, and the number one destination for the radio and music industry with the most up to date content -- and more of it. Like a winning station with many features, gives you more reasons to visit and engage, than just one show, or in this case message boards.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support! -- Joel Denver, President/Publisher
Thanks for sharing.

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by onairla » Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:03 am

Allaccess is the one site we all come back to, and use as an authority in Radio. If Joel would have us, we would bore his children... I mean, were boring with children, eh, i mean i hear guys can have babys now. uhh.. ah f-it.

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by labambaman » Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:19 pm

So i've been reading this rather interesting debate during my shift here at the station, and I gotta' say; I wouldn't consider this place, nor radio as a whole, dead. Radio has taken on some tough times, but it's still going pretty strong here in D.C. So let's go ahead and pop my forum cheery, shall we?

As for Mr. Nyland's comment of radio being underpaid and unstable and having massive layoffs; i don't really see that here in my market. People will get laid off from jobs in any profession if they aren't good enough and someone else can come along that will do it better, and judging from your tone I'd venture to bet that's what happened to you. I could be wrong, but you seem to have a vendetta against the radio industry for rather odd reasons. Our #1 station here pays it's lowest ranking people over 30k a year, and I'd say that's not too shabby.

As for this site being dead, I'd say this thread is more than enough proof that it's not. People are here, but like Joel said; the forums aren't the primary place of discussion anymore. Yahoo is a good example of this. They have forums for things, but they allow people to comment directly to news stories and that keeps the forums from getting cluttered. I'm a fan of this place the way it is. It's laid out with easy access in mind, and I can find any new story or ranking or what-have-you without any trouble.

Joel; keep up the good work.

- Spencer

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by michey » Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:33 pm

Don't be a hater. Negative energy never helps anyone or anything.

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by OpenMike » Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:51 am

Leave Joel alone ! It is important that the death of Radio be reported for history's sake.

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Re: The death of All Access

Post by thelegend » Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:10 am


The only thing you're going to get back to is playing with your Pud. Studio and show. :lol:

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